H697 Design Assignment

My design assignment is live – twice!

The first iteration of my design assignment is live and linked from my portfolio page. Lindsey critiqued this design and I am grateful for her suggestions. What you see at design.html is what she critiqued, with the exception of one fixed typo (four digit years! not three!).

I have taken her suggestions into consideration and done some further tweaking to try and reduce the gulf between header and content. A revised version of the page can currently be found with the name design_2.html. Some time in the next week I will switch these urls around, preserving the first draft as design1.html and updating the page linked from my portfolio page.

One of the things I’ve fixed is adding in links in the content. I had left them out initially for two reasons. The first is that the source text, from the current SAWH homepage, is not very link-heavy. The second is that I was trying to think in 1970s terms, drawing from two magazine sources, and magazines in the 1970s did not have hyperlinks. I wasn’t exactly trying to be clever, I just got so wrapped up in trying to imitate my design inspiration that I forget to update it.

Many thanks to Lindsey for her helpful comments! (and I left a comment over on her blog, linked above).