H697 Final Final Project, WordPress Translation Questions

The utterly final (for class anyway) version of my project is live.

One of the things I’ve learned about myself and webdesign, particularly when I have a WYSIWYG editor to play with, is that little alignment tricks appeal to the part of my brain which was imprinted in preschool Montessori education. Making things line up! Yay! Which would be why the paragraph text in the sidebar aligns with the edge of the header image, the lists in the sidebar align with the header text, and the right margin of the content text ends on the same line as the text in the top line of the header. Mildly obsessive, maybe, but also fun.

What I’m having the hardest time figuring out is how, exactly, I want to translate all of this into WordPress. Why WordPress? Because it’s a free, user-friendly CMS and the contributors/editors who will be maintaining content once the site is live are not universally tech-savvy. I might consider something like Drupal if I heard people tell me “Yeah, the user interface is totally intuitive once it’s set up!” but so far I haven’t heard that. (Also, a not insignificant fact is that I’ve been using WP for about 4 years now, and have no experience with Drupal…)

Most of the switch from hand-code to WordPress is straightforward, and some of it will even be easier (News, for instance). What I’m having trouble with is the Mentoring Toolkit. I could easily create a Mentoring Category with child categories which match the divisions I’ve sorted the essays into, and then just re-create all the pdfs as posts. Or I could make a static page with PDFs linked. Or I could do both – archive the old essays in a static page and link the static page to an active category. Any thoughts?