Mapping Correspondents

When I started to think about trying to map the addresses (well, cities and states/countries) of the correspondents in my manuscript collection, my first visual was the Mapping the Republic of Letters Project, with the lines showing the to and from of the letters. That would be so neat! Until I realized that for me, all roads lead to Liverpool (and very occasionally, Sedgwick near Kendal).

However, as I started reviewing Laura’s mapping tools tutorial, I remembered how she had denoted parties for her residents using one of the features of BatchGeo. That service puts ads on your map, but it was worth it for a trial run. I classed the places into three categories: locations from which James Maury writes; locations from which his family writes; and locations from which he received business correspondence.

View MauryCats in a full screen map

Now I have new ideas about what I want to represented on a map. I’m less interested in the exact address of places (outside Liverpool) than I am in where Maury’s business correspondents were concentrated. For which I suppose I’d need something which is less a map and more a visualization (like this one). When (if) I manage to find more information about the social lives of the Maurys in Liverpool, I’ll want to do more street-level mapping, but I just don’t have that data yet.