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I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University, focusing on the Early American Republic (1780-1830). My dissertation examines the intersection of family strategies and the formation of national identity for Americans abroad in the post revolutionary period. 

I have a BA in History from Vassar College and an MSc in Scottish Studies from the University of Edinburgh. I worked for three years for a historic house museum in Virginia before being accepted to my doctoral program.

In addition to my studies, I am a Digital History Association at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, where I have worked on such projects as the award-winning Histories of the National Mall website, the Papers of the War Department community transcription project, and the ongoing development of the Omeka family of cultural heritage content management systems.

To contact me, please email mebrett at this domain.

Obligatory Disclaimer: the views expressed on this site, its subpages, and my twitter feeds are my own and do not in any way reflect the opinions  of George Mason University, its faculty, staff, or students, or of any previous employer of mine.

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  1. Hello Megan Brett,

    While Googling for information on a Scottish silversmith called Alexander Rollo (active Dundee late C18th) I saw that you had written your thesis on John Rollo, goldsmith, of Edinburgh. As part of your research did you come across any children or cousins/brother bearing the name Alexander who became gold/silversmiths?

    I’ve been researching some of the C19th silversmiths in Dundee and have published one article on James Sturrock of Montrose. I’m currently researching William Constable of Dundee. But Alexander Rollo I can find very little on.

    I’d be very grateful for any help you might have to offer.

    Kind regards,

    Laurence Joyce

    1. Hello Laurence Joyce,

      I am afraid my research did not carry very far to the next generation. John Rollo of Edinburgh left the goldsmith business in the 1740s to become a customs inspector in Banff, and became the sixth Lord Rollo on the death of his brother Andrew in 1765. I have more complete genealogical information on my home computer and will be glad to check this evening. If it is convenient, I can email you with what I have.


      Megan Brett

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