Alternatives to Delicious

According the news, Delicious (an online bookmark manager) is being sent the way of the Dodo by Yahoo. I hadn’t even realized that Yahoo had acquired delicious, which I’ve been using off and on for years now.

So, the question becomes: if delicious is dead, what do we use instead? Suggestions thus far include:

  • Licorize – looks more focused for group work (tagline: “for the world wide tribe”)
  • Diigo
  • Xmarks
  • Evernote – I already use this, but with more emphasis on the “note” aspect. Still, it could work.

Comments or additions from the crowd?


  1. I’ve switched over to Pinboard, which seems to have most of the same features and a similar UI to Delicious.

    Unfortunately you do have to pay a one-time fee to join, but it doesn’t seem like a bad service so far.

    I’m still really annoyed with Yahoo for doing nothing with Delicious and basically letting it die.

  2. Delicious is no longer tasty and Yahoo’s days having been numbered for a while now. Same with AOL.

    While it depends on the content and target audience, try using, or even better

    Far more read by the professional community is (your status as well as groups).

    1. I rarely used Delicious as a way of sharing links, more of organizing them as a sort of cross-browser, multi-machine bookmarks toolbar.

      The only sharing I’ve done with delicious was rounding up links discussed during THATCamp; at the most recent unconference I attended, I just used evernote instead, although I prefer that for actually annotating information, rather than merely recording it.

  3. Oh bugger. I hadn’t heard that. Thanks for the news, and some ideas. I mostly use Delicious the same way you do. Time for something new.

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