H697 Playing with Photoshop

Original image of Dora Devol, ca. 1910s

Lest you think my work this past week for H697 has been entirely intellectual, I have been playing around with some old family photos in Photoshop. I did not scan these: my dad has been very conscientious about scanning family pictures and putting them on flickr for the extended family.

So here is one of the photos I messed around with – a picture of my grandfather’s grandmother (I think), Dora Dean Scott Devol. I cropped out most of damaged border, given that it was just border and not vital to the image.


My edited version has lost some of the detail. Somehow the fabric of her dress doesn’t seem to be as clear in the edited version. Moreover, it all got darker, despite my best intentions. Part of the problem was figuring out how to lighten the background without over-exposing the neck and décolletage. I need to go back through the lynda videos to refresh my thinking. Even watching them in half-hour chunks, I get confused about when to use which tool. Oh, for a book with pictures rather than a video with separate transcript.