THATCamp 2010

It was a very Digital Humanities weekend for me: Friday was an Omeka workshop and the Rosenzweig forum; Saturday and Sunday was THATCamp (Prime). This was my second THATCamp, and of course I had a great time. Made new connections and new friends, got to know others better. It really is like a weekend summercamp…… Continue reading THATCamp 2010

A little secret

I twittered this earlier and a number of people have picked it up, so I figured I’d repost it here, for posterity (even if the Library of Congress has archived it somewhere): “The secret of many historians is that we’re gossips who are too polite to talk about the living”

Thoughts from Virginia Forum

I spent the last two days at my first Virginia Forum. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed myself.One of the strengths of the Forum is the diversity of the attendees: professors, graduate students, museum types (like me), university librarians, museum librarians, library librarians, archivists, historical society staff, independent scholars, and I’m…… Continue reading Thoughts from Virginia Forum

The Man Behind the Curtain

In case you don’t recognize the source of the post title, it’s from the Wizard of Oz (the film). All four travelers are in the Emerald City, awed by the Wizard, and then Toto pulls aside a little curtain to reveal an ordinary person. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” says the…… Continue reading The Man Behind the Curtain

Important Lessons in History

In some ways, being a historian is like being a detective. Yet, where Sherlock Holmes (and his real-life counterparts) could look at many disparate clues and say “this is what must have happened!” This is not how history works. A murderer or robber will probably have one motive, but historical events are the result of…… Continue reading Important Lessons in History

Fight continues over historic battlefield

The National Trust for Historic Preservation and six individuals are suing Orange County to try and overturn the August decision to let WalMart build on Wilderness Battlefield. Fredericksburg news reports that the National Parks Conservation Association and the Civil War Preservation Trust are asking to be included.