Liverpool’s overlooked history?

The archives and libraries were closed today, so I took myself down to the riverfront to look around some of the National Museums Liverpool, specifically the Museum of Liverpool, the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum. The latter is currently located on the 3rd floor of the Maritime Museum, although it will someday […]

Christmases Past: the Eighteenth Century

Fans of the eighteenth century who are curious about Christmas in the American colonies have a number of excellent resources: colonial-era historic sites have dug into records and primary sources to try and find a historical way to interpret Christmas. I’m briefly going to try and describe what Christmas was (and wasn’t) in the 18th […]

An Interesting Read

The Celebrated Mrs. Woffington has brought my attention to a book titled The Garden Cottage Diaries: My Year in the Eighteenth Century . The author not only spends a year living as though in the 18th century, she does so in Scotland. This is definitely going on my to-read list!