No WalMart at the Wilderness

Today, the news came that WalMart had decided not to build on the disputed spot on the Wilderness Battlefield. I am cautiously optimistic. Back in May, 2009, I attended the hearing regarding the WalMart held by the County board of supervisors. I apparently didn’t blog about the meeting afterwards, for which I apologize. Two statements…… Continue reading No WalMart at the Wilderness

The Wilderness and the WalMart

Just a quick note to say that today a judge in Orange County VA is hearing arguments about whether or not to take the issue of the proposed battlefield-sited WalMart to court. Please note that although WalMart and supporters say it’s “not on the battlefield,” they mean the battlefield as currently preserved by the Park…… Continue reading The Wilderness and the WalMart

Wilderness Update

Nothing from the courts, I’m afraid, but the NTHP has named Wilderness Battlefield as one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places for 2010. It’s also worth noting that the #1 most endangered historic place is America’s State Parks and State-Owned Historic Sites. If you have a State-owned historic site or park that you enjoy,…… Continue reading Wilderness Update

County Planning Meeting – WalMart and Wilderness

Tonight, for better or worse, I am attending the Planning Commission meeting for Orange County, Va.* I have read the staff report regarding MalWart’s request for permission to build on the edge of the county, and the conditions for approval. I do not want the WalMart in this county.  I object to it on social,…… Continue reading County Planning Meeting – WalMart and Wilderness