Historical Hypochondria

I have begun to wonder if historians, or at least history students, don't suffer from a similar problem to that experienced by medical students. Medical students often start to self-diagnose with various ailments during the course of their studies, especially when confronted with list after list of symptoms. They find themselves ticking off symptoms and [...]

How do we shuffle our cards?

Over the past few months I've had a quote, more of an idea really, rattling around in my head. The artist James C. Christensen wrote about how he thinks about creativity and new ideas using the metaphor of a library's card catalog. I never knew card catalogs, so in time the cards in the metaphor [...]

Heard on the radio

As I was running errands today, I had my radio tuned to the local NPR station, listening to This American Life. Today's program was about the new Alabama immigration laws and how they have, in addition to whatever else, increased the racism experienced by/targeted at the Latino population. An instance mention by the reporter involved [...]

Lev Manovich, Databases, and Me

This week's assigned reading was Lev Manovich The Language of New Media (Cambridge, Mass. & London, England: The MIT Press, 2001). I suspect I might have gotten more out of parts of this book if I had a better grounding in film/cinematic theory, or in art theory at least. There were digressions which were opaque [...]

Draft Grant Proposal: Questions

What is your inquiry question? What happened during the British capture of Washington in August 1814, and where? What do you want your users to learn? The impact, physical and psychological, of the British capture and destruction of Washington in August 1814. What is your methodological stance? The exhibit takes a spatial social history approach, [...]

Everyday History

I've met a number of people for whom history is apparently something in the classroom or textbook, a dry (possibly dusty) academic subject. I don't blame them for thinking these things, any more than I would blame people who likewise relegate chemistry, physics, math or literature to the school building. But just as we encounter [...]