Disappointed but not surprised

The Board of Supervisors for Orange County, VA,  has approved at WalMart on the Wilderness Battlefield; see the coverage from the Associated Press and the NTHP’s blog entry.

One of the comments on the NTHP blog states a “fact” which was circulated by the pro-WalMart groups, but in fact parts of the battle were fought on the parcel of land being used by WalMart; according to one historian who spoke at the Planning Commission meeting back in May, that was where the African-American unit from the Union was stationed, and also where the wounded were taken to be treated. Historically, neither of these groups might have been seen as important enough to comemmorate, but surely in the 21st century they are?

I am disappointed and somewhat angry at the decision, but not all that surprised by it. Even before the first hearing by the Planning Commission, before the reports were in, two of the Board had said they would support WalMart at all costs. Orange County could use some help with its economy, but as many people have said, that location is not the best. The store might stimulate the economy a little, but how much is it going to cost the county in terms of law enforcement, traffic accidents, and national image?

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