History in Unanticipated Places

Yesterday my priest started her sermon with a version of the origin of Labor Day. She focused on the life and work of George Pullman, particular those actions which contributed to the 1894 strike. The sermon was also rooted in the readings, particularly James 1:17-27. (( She likened Pullman to someone who has turned from the mirror and forgotten his face, forgotten that he and his workers were all Children of God. This was church, after all. )) But what interested me was the fact that Labor Day was established in law by President Cleveland so soon after the end of the strike.

Like most Americans, I would imagine, I had forgotten that National Holidays are formally established with an Act. This particular act started as S. 730 and H.R. 28. I was going to post the text here, but I’m having trouble tracking it down. Once I do, I’ll come back and put it in. I’m curious as to what the original wording was.