How do you solve a problem like a CV?

Resumes and CVs are odd things. Every profession, every field, and every sub-field seems to have their own specific way of formatting them. Last year I was a listening ear as a friend tried to format a CV to meet the standards of both the medical profession and academia – not an easy feat! More recently, I’ve been trying to figure out how to include podcast work – producing and speaking – on my own CV.

It made me think, not for the first time, about how to present Digital Humanities (DH) work in a CV. How does it look when your work is almost entirely DH based? How does someone who works for one semester or academic year on a DH project include that on their resume (this might be easier)? And what do you include on the full CV versus the 1 or 2 pager you need for that grant application?

I asked a few mentors, colleagues, and people whose opinion I respect, and one of the offers I got was “would you like to look at mine?” Which is, I think, a great resource for anyone who can get it: find a model (or three) and try making your own work fit.

I did some googling, and while there are resources out there for CVs and resumes in general, I had a hard time finding resources specifically for DH work.[1] So: if you have advice, a technique that works for you, or a public version of a DH CV, please feel free to share it in the comments! I’m hoping to be able to create a resource for DH folks with guidelines, advice, and links. Thanks!

For now, general resume/CV advice:

[1] There is this very helpful blog post about cover letters and DH work by Amanda Visconti and Brandon Walsh